Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is software that connects your finance, accounting and business operations data. ERP software is must for any modern fast-growing company. However, many of the best ERP software is very expensive and hard to manage which is why many businesses are now turning to Cloud ERP.

Cloud ERP is software that is stored on the internet including all the data. Users access the software via the internet and can do so from any location at any time. Cloud-based computing is also called Software as a Service, or SaaS. The only main difference between Cloud ERP and on-premises ERP is where the software is psychically located and the price.

Growing business either small to medium sized can benefit from Cloud ERP. The cost of scaling business productivity is far less with Cloud ERP. With the right cloud provider, businesses can access applications at a reasonable fixed monthly price without the substantial upfront expenditure for hardware and software. They host all the hardware and software and you just access it.

Benefits other than the lower costs include the ability to access and share data from any mobile device like laptops, mobile phones and tablets. In todays mobile world, employees and customers expect access to data on all of their devices and this is what Cloud ERP allows.

With Cloud ERP there is no more software to manage, all software is stored on the cloud and updated automatically meaning no down time. The cloud is your virtual hard drive meaning you don’t need to store data on storage devices or send large files of data to colleagues, everything is all accessible and at your fingertips.
Cloud computing has revolutionized the way we live and work. Cloud computing is an environment where we’re always prepared. All business data is stored in a centralized location that we can access whenever and wherever we are.

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