Often when businesses grow they face challenges with floor space.  Two tier or mezzanine floor installation can provide the additional space by doubling an area of floor space.


The two main options are a conventional mezzanine floor of a two tier pallet racking or shelving system typically used for product dispatch applications.


We specialise in designing and installing multi-tiered picking and dispatch systems for hand picking offering a complete solution for the structure and semi-automatic and gravity picking solutions. We can advise, design and install the structural element, picking systems and conveyors to complete the process.


We help you by looking at product and inventory as well as the dispatch process and procedures to optimise pick rates and pick accuracy.


If you are considering changing your dispatch process and are interested in a two tier or mezzanine floor installation, call us today, for free and independent advice on the best type of semi-automatic and manual picking and dispatch systems.