Altering pallet racking through racking design to increase pick and pallet positions

Often when contracts change or you inherit a warehouse or pallet racking the current layout is not the most efficient or best suited to your picking, size or volumes of product.

There are many options to increase the number of pallets or pallet racking bays with the correct pallet racking survey, product knowledge and a good site team. One of the first things to look at is the beam pitches this is the measurement between beams in the vertical direction up the racking bays. The number of levels and therefor pallet positions being stored can be increased if the beam pitches are reduced so an additional level can be added.

Changing the orientation of the racking from north to south to east to west or vice versa may increase the number of pallet positions achieved depending on the buildings layout and the type and size of pallets. One of the best ways to increase the number of pallet positions stored in a warehouse is by reducing the aisle widths. The increasing use of articulated fork lift trucks is allowing aisles to be dramatically reduced while still using a single type of truck to unload wagons and replenish pallet racking.

Ultimately you need to get a full building pallet racking survey and drawings produced, here at 2h Storage we can do this for you FREE of CHARGE so for all your pallet racking advice and design call our team here in Yorkshire.