Different industries and companies require different types of pallet racking and galvanized finish is often popular with the chemical, engineering and food and drink industries. The different types of pallet racking include, APR (adjustable pallet racking) drive where the truck drives into the rack to place multiple pallets one in front of the other. There are also more advanced types of pallet racking like push back where the pallets slide on rollers or pallet carts as well as pallet live and automated systems.

There are also many different pallet racking manufacturers some of the most popular in the UK are Dexion, Link 51, Apex and many other types often imported from Europe. Although to the untrained eye it all looks very similar all pallet racking is designed to take the unique loadings and pallet sizes that are required to be stored. One issue for those involved with pallet racking is that even small differences in base plate and uprights can make a large difference to the loadings that the racking can hold. This is why it is so important to make sure your pallet racking is fitted with the correct pallet racking load notices and you have an annual pallet racking inspection undertaken.