Many businesses relocate and need to moving pallet racking services, we offer a full range of services to make this simple and hassle free.


We can take a full inventory of your existing pallet racking checking quantities and condition to make sure you are not moving waste materials. We also design and draw out your new warehouse layout so you can see just what you will end up with and how it will work for you. We look at the eve and ridge heights your fork lift trucks specifications and limitations and design the most cost effective solution for your new building and storage needs. We will take down transport and rebuild so you can concentrate on making the rest of your move run smoothly.


We can supply additional racking both new and used equipment and offer lease purchase options subject to status. We can increase and reduce the height of your pallet racking and give you the best layouts for your new building using your racking. We also buy and sell used pallet racking and it can sometime be more cost effective to sell your old pallet racking and let us supply new or used on a lease or hire purchase option.
So if you want to make the most of this one off opportunity to give you the best pallet racking layouts call one of our design team today on 01765 640160.