New and used HiLo premier and HiLo KS warehouse pallet racking components spares repairs and installations

HiLo premier is still a popular type of warehouse pallet racking throughout Yorkshire and the UK although the older HiLo KS warehouse pallet racking is more difficult and costly to buy components and spare parts for. Here at 2h Storage we regularly source and deliver both new and used HiLo pallet racking frames, beams, bracing, baseplates and uprights. Our team of warehouse pallet racking safety inspectors carry out annual pallet racking safety inspections and identify damaged HiLo racking as well as Dexion, Link51, Apex and RediRack. We will then find both new and used parts often providing these parts at discounted rates. We can arrange for a full repair and installation service with our safe contractor status and all the necessary certification we are the first choice for many in the warehousing, logistics and distribution industry.