Looking for pallet racking design Durham? Being the North leading designers, suppliers and installers of warehouse pallet racking we are regularly designing, supplying and installing warehouse pallet racking in Durham. Durham has a long history of being the home of industrial and engineering companies.

When designing warehouse pallet racking the first questions are number, size and weights of pallets to be stored. This will give the designer the choice of the most appropriate manufacture, weight ratings and component configuration for the pallet racking.

Obviously the height of the buildings eves and ridge are critical in deciding the height and number of pallet levels. Another consideration is the orientation of the pallet racking often simple described in north, south, east and west. Few buildings are perfectly square with no building columns or doors so changing the orientation can in some pallet racking design layouts radically improve the number of pallet positions that can be achieved.

Here at 2h Storage we have our own in house design team using some of the latest design techniques, our designers have many years of experience this is just one of the reasons that we have been providing warehouse pallet racking designs in Durham for over a decade. So if you need pallet racking design, installation, repairs or warehouse pallet racking safety inspections call our team today on 01937 585 057.

Warehouse Pallet Racking Durham

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