The way that we think about the workplace is changing.  Now there are more offices than ever who are taking the decision to use partitions rather than putting walls in place. There are a number of reasons that it could be a good choice. Below have put together a list of some of the key benefits of office partitions that you should think about.

Glass partitions

If you have walls in your office, then unless you are on the outside of the building, you won’t have any kind of natural light in the room. This can have a negative effect on the room as a whole, so it is worth thinking about having glass office partitions – as these can allow you to make the most of the natural light from the outside of the office. This can make the space you’re in feel much more open, and will make a good first impression on anyone who may want to visit your office; and this can mean great things for the future of your business.

Glass partitions are both pleasing to the eye and create transparency between various workers. For management, rather than being blocked off from outside activity, it keeps them in sync with the mood of employees in the main work-space. The reverse is also true, as there is less of a divide between employees who may feel the management is inaccessible if they are not visible within their office. For those working inside a glass partitioned office, the natural light coming into the space aids concentration rather than the intensity sometimes created by artificial lighting.


Gives you the chance to be flexible

Your business needs may change all the time, and if you find that the office that you have set up is no longer suitable for your needs, then office partitions give you the chance to change things around without having to spend a lot of money or take a lot of time on it. This means that no matter what you think might happen to your business in the future, you will be able to change the way you have things in your building to match your needs, and this is something that can indeed be a huge benefit in many ways.

Increases privacy

There are lots of things that you might need to do in an office space.  This includes taking phone calls or holding meetings with people who might need to pay you a visit. If you have an open plan office, then despite the fact that there are some positive benefits to this kind of setup, you will find that it is severely lacking in privacy, which could be a problem. Office partitions can help with this, as it gives you the privacy that you need for exactly this purpose. It also helps to block out any unwanted noise from the general area, which can allow you to focus on everything that needs to be said during your meeting. Office partitions can also provide a great space for people to work on projects that they may be involved in with other members of staff, which can improve their productivity.

Noise reduction

Low wall partitions, or cubicles, are intended to remove visual distractions for workers, allowing them to concentrate on the work at hand. The noise levels within an office are not blocked out by this type of partition and interruptions occur more easily. The floor-to-ceiling alternative helps to lower noise pollution within the office space far more effectively. Phone calls, typing, conversations etc., are less noticeable and allow employees to focus on their work. This is also extremely helpful for any important incoming or outgoing phone calls, as less background noise creates the right impression for clients on the other end of the phone.

Colour scheme

Purchasing an open plan office presents a blank canvas for a company to build upon. Office partitions arrive in a similar fashion and the neutral colours allow them to be decorated to match the specific branding and style associated with the business. This is particularly helpful for satellite or sales offices that act as a representative for the company abroad. Maintaining brand consistency offers a familiarity and comfort for visiting clients and retains a sense of professionalism.

Personal space

Floor-to-ceiling partitions do contain windows, of course, but the enclosed nature of the space provides more privacy for employees. Not everyone feels comfortable displaying pictures of loved ones and other personal items on their desk in the middle of a busy workspace.  Office partitions provide the opportunity for workers to feel relaxed in their own environment, which it turn should lead to a better quality of work. This option also provides more security for any items of worth brought into the office, which can be safely locked away from sight at the end of the day.

Cost effective

When you are running a business, particularly if you are only just setting up for the first time, there are many things you will need to consider when it comes to the amount of money that you are going to be spending. Office partitions are a fantastic way of making a saving, as it is much cheaper to use this as an option than it is to have walls built. This saving that you will make will leave you with money to use for other aspects of your business, which can be a great thing for you.

For businesses that are looking for either long, or short-term leases, office partitions are a great way to manage costs and the overall layout. They are cheaper than the building of permanent walls and also mean that offices can be removed or expanded upon without spending too much extra time and money. For offices that are needed for a short space of time, be it for a particular event or transitional period, operations can be up and running relatively quickly. If needed, the partitions can then be taken down and used again elsewhere. Energy costs will also benefit as less of the office space will need to receive heating on a consistent basis.

Generally, if you are looking for a way to try and improve your office environment, office partitions could be a good thing to choose. There are clear benefits to making this decision, and you will start to notice the benefits immediately. When it comes to investments that you may wish to make for your company, this is one that is more than worth thinking about.