The design and layout of your office space will have a big impact on the productivity and efficiency of your day-to-day processes. Finding the right balance to suit the needs of your business is important and the use of office partitions (also known as acoustic office screens) is a cost-effective way to divide teams and sections, without affecting the atmosphere negatively. Here are how office partitions can help your business.

Lower noise levels

The use of acoustic office dividers can help to cut down on noise levels, even if they aren’t full size. Acoustic office partitions help to absorb the sound being generated in one area of the office – which usually tends to be sales teams busy on the phone – so it doesn’t affect the concentration levels of others working elsewhere.

Increased privacy

As much as office dividers can help lower sound levels in the working environment, they can also help create a sense of privacy for staff. This is important to many employees who want to remove aural as well as visual distractions and a full block screen or coloured partition can do just that. It also ensures productivity levels remain high, especially for teams or staff members who are working on important work projects.

Create more space

Using an acoustic glass partition will not only help to absorb sound and reduce noise but it can also be used to create an optical illusion of more space. The use of glass and mirrors opens up the space while also adding more light which is beneficial to all staff members. This will also reduce the effect of artificial lighting in the office, which aids employee health and will have a positive effect on the work they produce too.


Dividing up a room as required for your business using acoustic room partitions is a much cheaper option compared to constructing a full or false wall. The adaptability of an office partition also means it can be easily moved whenever you want, whereas a wall remains permanently in place until it is knocked down – at an expense. This means if you want to reorganise the office, or if you are undergoing expansion plans, the use of office partitions enables you to do so without creating unnecessary costs or stress.

An attractive addition

Because there are so many acoustic partitions to choose from, it is not difficult to find the right one to suit your office. Whether you want to add some blocks of colour or want to allow more light to flow through the office, office partitions offer the control and flexibility you need. They also help to form a more modern look within the office that is more attractive to employees. Workers do not want to be stuck in a built-up, stuffy office that looks decades out of fashion. An office that is more open and modern creates a more positive daily experience that enables them to produce high-quality work that will benefit the business.

Improved traffic flow

Using office partitions will improve the way team members can work and collaborate. When positioned correctly they will encourage workers to move freely to access the resources they need more efficiently. The last thing you want is staff tripping over each other, but dividers will help generate more creativity in an environment where they have the space and freedom to do the best job possible. Staff should not feel they are chained to their desks all day. To get the most out of each member, you want them to communicate and work with each other, and the use of office partitions will encourage just that.