If you need to increase the space in your pallet racking and do not have the option to increase the size of your building or move to a larger facility, using articulated fork lift trucks could well be the answer. These have become increasingly popular in recent years with fork lift truck drivers adapting well after just a few weeks to these versatile work horses.


One of the Advantages of articulated fork lift trucks such is that it allows you to use one fork lift truck for a multitude of purposes rather than narrow aisle and counterbalance fork lift trucks. The articulated trucks can be used for both replenishing and picking directly from the pallet racking while also being able to cope with unloading and loading of trucks for inbound and dispatch pallets.


Here at 2h Storage we have often reconfigured and added to existing pallet racking when the fork lift trucks have been changed to articulated fork lift trucks. Or do you need to maximise your storage space from day one with new articulated trucks and a suitable pallet racking design? Call our pallet racking design team on 01765 640 160.