Even pallet racking does not last forever particularly if it has suffered some knocks and bumps along the way. Customers often ask us what is the best type of pallet racking of course different manufactures racking does have differing designs and some are better for certain applications and budget requirements. If you have older pallet racking like Dexion P90 or HiLo KS it is probably worth considering a product like Link51 which is not only manufactured here in the UK in Telford one of the centres of UK engineering but also readily available. You can buy new Link 51 pallet racking and used Link 51 pallet racking easily we supply both new and used and specialise in this system and its design. It has many advantages particularly when it comes to cost effective repairs solutions as the products design is very versatile.


So whatever pallet racking you currently have its worth considering Link 51 as a sensible replacement racking system.