Do you need external galvanized pallet racking or external galvanized cantilever racking? Here at 2h Storage we offer a complete storage solution and can provide a wide range of cost effective options for external storage. Do you have large bulky long or palletized loads you need to store safely externally? We have a selection of products and solutions for external pallet, crate and long load storage.

Are you looking for standard pallet racking or cantilever racking we can design, supply, install, repair and inspect both internal and external racking of all types and manufactures? Do you need a one off bespoke solution for storing long items or large items? Give us a call at our warehouse in Yorkshire and we will visit your site carry out a free of charge site survey and advise you on the most cost effective racking options.

Whatever your product, timber, steel, or plastic we can provide vertical, horizontal and pallet racking products to give you the best use of your internal or external space. Do you need a temporary building we can advise and rack out temporary buildings providing layout drawings for pallet and cantilever racking?

So whatever type of external galvanized cantilever and Pallet Racking for outside Racking storage you need call the racking experts on 01937 585057.