When installing or altering pallet racking you must consult a competent person to confirm the design and loading capabilities of the new pallet racking installation. Some minor alterations can reduce the loading capabilities of pallet racking and leave a potentially dangerous pallet racking installation.


The most common mistakes are altering the first beam level if you increase the first beam level or alter the beam pitches this can have a dramatic result on the structural capabilities of your pallet racking. The second most common mistake is taking a bay of pallet racking from a multiple bay run and using it as a standalone bay this can be particularly dangerous where the pallet racking has a single beam level. If in any doubt you must seek advice from an experienced and professional pallet racking design and installation company.


There are many things that need to be checked in pallet racking the pallet racking frame bracing pattern is critical. There are two types of pallet racking bracing in Link 51 pallet racking bracing and they look very similar. The only difference is the material thickness if you have substantial bay loadings you must check that the bracing you are replacing is the correct type. If you are taking over pallet racking or the management of pallet racking look for differing pallet racking frame bracing patterns. It is unusual that you should find horizontal pallet racking bracing anywhere but at the top or bottom of the pallet racking frames. This could potentially be very dangerous and could be a sign that two shorter pallet racking frames have been incorrectly jointed together to form a high pallet racking frame.


Gaps or different bracing are another danger sign these can sometimes be removed to allow services like sprinkler pipes or ducting to pass through the pallet racking frame. These must be rectified urgently. If you have any concerns about your current pallet racking a new pallet racking project or work carried out by a pallet racking repair or installation company call our pallet racking design team and they can advise on the best course of action to get your pallet racking safe. Or call now and book an annual pallet racking safety inspection.