Pallet racking carousel storage machines and lift storage machines in Yorkshire

Are you looking for pallet racking carousel storage and lift machines to maximise storage capacity and pick rates

If you have a large number of components for manufacture or dispatch you will benefit from a mechanical storage system. The two main types of motorised storage systems are carousels and lifts which both present pre-loaded trays to a bench height picking face from which individual items or kits of items for assembly or dispatch can be picked. These motorised picking systems are usually used in conjunction with pallet racking or shelving systems as part of an integrated stock movement process in the modern warehouse facility.

Items stock and pallets come into the warehouse and are usually loaded into pallet racking or shelving systems then stock control systems will provide pick lists for the restocking of the carousel or lift storage systems. Then the stock control can provide picking lists for assembly or dispatch batched or kits ready for packing and dispatch.

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