Pallet racking installers for main building contractors working under JCTs

With new warehouses it is usually the case that the developer or end user will specify the type and layout of the warehouse pallet racking and then the C.A. or contract administrator usually the Q.S. or quantity surveyor will place this package out to tender. The C.A. will then run the tender process by looking for suitable companies like 2h Storage to tender for the storage equipment package that with the other packages makes up the main contract. This is usually done using a JCT building contract with the pallet racking forming part of the storage equipment package within the main contract.


Depending on the size and complexity of the storage equipment design this will usually have some bearing on the number of pallet racking suppliers and installers who are asked to submit a tender for the pallet racking installation package. The C.A. will usually put the tender out to three to five reputable pallet racking providers who either he or the client has worked with previously or have expertise and experience in the particular type or design of pallet racking.
If you are a property professional or end user we have great experience at providing competitive tenders for pallet racking and storage equipment packages and contracts. For further information or advice CALL our design and estimating department on 01765 640 160.