With the recent demise of Redirack some maintenance and facility managers will be concerned about the availability of pallet racking spares and parts in Yorkshire.  Finding good quality used pallet racking components can be a challenge here at 2h Storage we have a large stock of used pallet racking components so can provide spare pallet racking parts for all the major manufactures systems.


However for those rarer parts particularly items like drive in pallet racking spares it can be very difficult and time consuming to locate the appropriate parts. With some older systems like HiLo KS or Link 68 it can be very difficult to obtain ever more standard parts like 2700mm clear entry 2T beams.


So sometime it is inevitable that the most cost effective solution is to dismantle and strip down a rack and hold the components for spares and replace that rack with a new pallet racking system. It can sometimes be the case that the whole system is condemned due to high levels of damage or more usually high levels of corrosion. High levels of corrosion in pallet racking make it impossible for the pallet racking safety inspector to sign off and confirm the loadings that can safely be stored on the pallet racking.
If you are looking for USED PALLET RACKING or PALLET RACKING SPARES or would simply like some FREE no OBLIGATION advice give our design team a call on 01937 585 057.