Do your team need racking training to protect your investment in pallet racking and insure the safe use of your pallet racking and warehouse environment. We can offer bespoke pallet racking training courses to suit most budgets and are proud to be currently working with one of the large UK supermarkets to help them get the best and safest use of their pallet racking installation. Our courses are designed to meet the needs of each customer but the basic modules are usually, what is pallet racking, why inspect pallet racking, how to inspect pallet racking and common hazardous activities associated with pallet racking. The uptake of these courses has become phenomenal as warehouse managers and health and safety representatives can see the safety benefits as well as the costs savings on racking repairs and pallet position down times.


These pallet racking safety courses are often run alongside a planned schedule of pallet racking inspections, so that newly trained team members can start using their training on a well maintained pallet racking installation. These course works well for larger sites or where companies have multiple facilities of pallet racking and other storage requirements.


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