Sustainability: pallet racking training, pallet racking protection

Here at 2h Storage Solutions we offer improved pallet racking sustainability with pallet racking training, protection and inspections
Many companies are looking to increase their sustainability to drive down both emissions and costs while giving their staff and customers a positive message about the companies ethics and green credentials. So how can you make pallet racking greener? There are several ways you can make your pallet racking greener. The first is through good design, this will minimise the movement of products and decrease energy use as well as saving costs. So design is very important, the second is damage to pallet racking many think of this as one of the irresolvable issues of running a busy stores or warehouse. This is not the case, here at 2h storage Solutions we have identified three key ways to reduce waste and costs associated with pallet racking repairs. The first is rack inspections these do not just simply tell you where the damage has occurred within the pallet racking system it also highlights the frequency and potential source of the pallet racking damage. Acting on the information provided in the pallet racking inspection report is the key to avoiding repeat damage patterns in the future. Once the damage has been identified pallet racking repairs must be completed inline with the report recommendations. To prevent future damage it is best to consider rack protection to reduce the need for costly repairs that use further materials and resources having a negative impact on the companies pallet racking sustainability. The third is staff training we soon realised from our customers that staff training was a critical part of reducing pallet racking damage. The challenge was that each business has its own unique pallet racking layouts, pallet racking types and warehouse and business processes. So we have developed a selection of staff pallet racking training courses that are then tailored to suit each businesses unique requirement. Courses range from pallet racking safety awareness to pallet racking damage inspection training.
Combining all 3 elements will help ensure a safer working environment and improve the sustainability of your pallet racking storage system.