Used Dexion and Link 51 pallet racking beams
Often warehouse owners and managers have a need for additional used pallet racking beams either to add additional storage levels or replace damaged pallet racking beams. This damage might have been reported or simply picked up as part on the company’s annual pallet racking inspection under Health and safety guidelines. Whatever the reason is there is a need for used pallet racking beams here at 2h Storage we can provide a wide range of both used and new pallet racking beams, frames and other components. Why not visit our used racking offers section to see a selection of some of the items we have up for sale at discounted prices.

We sell used Dexion beams 2700mm and both 900mm and 1100mm frames, used Dexion Silverline beams, used Link 51 pallet racking beams and frames. We have chipboard and mesh decks for sale new and used.

So call today with your requirements for used or new pallet racking and associated warehouse supplies!