Those who work in the warehouse industry are aware of the dangers of falling pallets or items falling from stored pallets. This is why all single racks that are not protected by being positioned against a wall must be fitted with pallet racking safety netting and anti collapse mesh The purpose of this mesh is purely to project those working or passing below from being struck by a falling object in the form of a pallet or stock.
There are two main types of pallet racking anti collapse mesh the first is in made to measure steel mesh pallets fitted with stand off brackets that is bolted to the rear of the pallet racking. The second type is a nylon mesh that is fitted in larger panels with a wire rope and stand off brackets.
The reason for the stand off brackets is to allow for pallet overhang or stock overhang if the mesh is fitted directly to the pallet racking beams it will be used as a back stop by those loading the pallets into the pallet positions on the pallet racking. This simply increases the danger as you may now be faced with not only falling pallets and stock but with falling mesh panels. This is why the standoff brackets are used it is also a reason why some warehouse managers prefer the nylon mesh. Here at 2h Storage we have years of experience in providing the most cost effective and safe solutions for pallet racking so call our design team on 01765 640 160.