The industrial environment is unlike any other which means any shelving being installed needs to be able to withstand the tough demands placed upon it. Shelving styles that work well in the home or in an office won’t necessarily be the best option for your warehouse or industrial space. Below are some of the best and most popular industrial shelving units currently in use today.

Rivet shelving

This type of shelving can be easily installed within the warehouse and its steel structure ensures it remains stable and secure when put to use. You will see it largely used in storage rooms, warehouse and industrial units. The benefits of using rivet shelving include:

  • Quick assembly

Not only can it be in place very quickly but it allows you to attach it to the wall to strengthen and reinforce its rigidity.

  • Modular design

Businesses tend to invest in rivet shelving as it can be expanded upon as and when needed. This enables you to grow while keeping the style uniform and in line with existing shelving.

  • High density

Single rivet shelving uses low-profile beams to form the shelf frame. This allows the vertical space between each level to be maximised making it perfect to store multiple smaller items.

Wire shelving

A more aesthetically pleasing  option is wire shelving, which also loses none of the essential elements you need for good storage. It features an open design which allows products to be accessed from any side, helping maintain the efficiency and throughput in the facility. The benefits of wire shelving are:

  • Low maintenance

Compared to other systems, wiring shelving collects very little dust and only requires the occasional quick wipe down. They are also rust resistant which is a huge advantage for longevity.

  • Open design

Depending on the layout of the warehouse, the open nature of wiring shelving will make the retrieval, storage and rotation of products extremely easy to do.

  • Special configurations

Whether you want to have it wall mounted, with tilt shelves or with any number of other variations, wire shelving gives you the adaptability you are looking for in a storage unit.

Steel shelving

Steel shelving works well in tandem underneath mezzanine storage to keep essentials spares and parts. It features back and away braces to keep the unit steady once installed and is available in either an open or closed style, depending on your requirements. Steel shelving has a number of advantages including:

  • Adjustability

Compared to rivet shelving it offers more options to adjust the system to suit. The compression clips that come with steel shelving make this easy to do.

  • Customisable

Steel shelving usually comes with add-ons such as dividers, doors, drawer inserts and bin fronts. The actual shelving can be clipped into place in any direction you want.

  • Multiple uses

If fits into warehouse and industrial environments as you’d expect, but steel shelving can also be used in commercial spaces and offices, without looking out of place.

Bulk rack shelving

The name suggests a shelving system that is large and cumbersome but that isn’t the case with bulk rack shelving. It’s almost the complete opposite, as it can be light-duty and fit into smaller spaces if required, slotting into store rooms, or corners of the warehouse that can be better utilised. Using bulk rack shelving is helpful because of:

  • Easy assembly

Not only is it easy to build and quick to put in place, but it can also be taken apart just as fast so it can be manoeuvred anytime time you want.

  • Cost effective

The unit arrives with wielded frames and good capacity for storage of smaller items. This ensures it remains durable and is purchased at a far lower price point compared to some alternatives.

  • Configurable

The shelving can be easily adjusted if required. The system comes with good depth and height variety to allow you to find the right combination to suit your products and goods.

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