Looking for some design tips on pallet racking?  Here at 2h Storage Solutions we have put together a few tips which might help.


What depth should my pallet racking be?

The depth of your pallet racking should be the depth of the handerling face of your pallet with overhang so 1100mm deep racking frames for 1200mm deep pallets or 900mm deep racking frames for 1000mm deep pallets.


What height should I set my beams at?

The beam levels should be set so that the maximum height of the palletised loads is at least 100mm below the next beam level as specified in the SEMA standards. This allows for the lift area as the pallet is removed or positioned in the warehouse pallet racking.


What’s the best height for my pallet racking?

The obvious restrictions are the buildings height at eves and ridge be careful to allow for lighting, portal frames and wind bracing. The mast and lift height of the forklift will also restrict height.


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