Storage Bins and BoxesStorage Bins and Boxes are the tough, versatile solution to small parts storage. Tough, colourful polypropylene Maxi Storage Bins stack on each other, on shelves, or hook onto louvered panels. Even when they’re self-stacked you can see what’s in them, and access the bins.


All Maxi Bins come with slots for labels or bar codes and are a really efficient storage unit. They use dividers to compartmentalise individual bins.


  • Store and retrieve 1000s of small items in a single bay
  • Quick and easy picking of small items
  • Maximum use of storage cube
  • Store small parts and packages in the same rack
  • Subdivide bins for extra efficiency
  • Bins in 7 different sizes, 4 bright colours
  • Use with shelving or louvered panels
  • Store up to 27 kg per bin!


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