workbenchWorkbenches come in difference sizes and styles and are a must have item for many homes and businesses. Used for a wide range of purposes, from hobbies, as dispatch tables through to full test and production uses.

The main consideration after size is if you need to combine some form of storage into your work bench. It might just be one single draw or an under level shelf? Or do you need a bench mounted louvered panel to store plastic boxes and bins?

There is the option for modular benches popular with manufacturing and production facilities. This is when the workbenches are arranged to create specific patterns to maximise the picking, packing or production tasks to be carried out on the workbench.

There is even the option for mobile work benches with lockable casters, these are popular when working on larger items where you need to go to the item you’re working on rather than carry it to the bench. These are popular with automotive users or businesses that produce or work with one off items.