Bulk bag storage on warehouse racks from 2h Storage Solutions.


Storing bulk bags takes up a considerable amount of warehouse space when block stored at ground level. So the obvious solution is vertical cube utilisation or in layman’s terms stacking on top of one another. With bulk bags stacking can be dangerous and unpractical so pallet or warehouse racks offer the most sensible option for storing bulk bags.


When storing bulk bags the loads can sometime be unstable with pallet overhang being an issue so it is important that the pallet racking is carefully designed.


If the bays are designed with a minimum of pallet and load clearances to maximise density it can actually have the opposite effect. As badly loaded bulk bags and pallets are too tight to be safely loaded into tight bays. This then creates random block stacking in aisles which slows down the warehouse operation and makes the safety worse than when the bulk bags were simply block stacked.


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