Carpet rolls and deep storage warehouse racking designs from 2h Storage Solutions.

Deep storage racks for storing items like carpets, furniture, rolls of product and sheets are simple to design. With that said there are large cost savings in materials and labour between designs using different manufactures warehouse racking materials and designs.

For instance some manufactures warehouse racking designs will require double or triple deep frames to store certain lengths and weights of product. A different manufacture will use only a single upright between frames, this can dramatically reduce the cost of both labour and materials.

So the key to getting the best value solution is to get the best design using the most suitable product. It is not simply a matter of getting three quotes because all three warehouse pallet racking suppliers may not choose the most cost effective design.

The key is good value engineering through design techniques and product knowledge, here at 2h Storage we have over 30yrs of experience in expert design for many well know companies. So before you commit to a quotation speak to the experts it could save you time and money.