Timber and mesh decks for warehouse racking – 2h Storage Solutions.

There are a number of options for decking warehouse or pallet racking, the four main materials used for pallet racking decks are metal in the form of galvanized sheet or mesh and timber and chipboard decks.
Starting with the simplest chipboard decks come in different thickness to cope with different loading and can be used with stepped beams or with pallet support bars depending on the application and type of warehouse racking.
With timber decks they tend to be quite standardised with the two main options being closed or open boards. This essentially means the deck panels are constructed with either the laths butted up together or left with gaps between again depending on loadings and application.
With metal decks there are differing options you can chose between stepped beams for a flush finish of have the decks sit on top both options use pallet support bars. Or you can choose waterfall decks where the deck is folded so it flows over the beams hence the term waterfall. The most popular type of mesh decks are waterfall decks.
If you have a requirement for these pallet racking decks give our team a call we would be happy to discuss the best options for you requirements.