Many businesses in the engineering industry require work benches with some needing the option for these to be mobile work benches or tool trolleys. Maintenance trolleys have become increasingly popular in recent years as they allow maintenance teams to react and solve machine break downs faster and more efficiently.

There is a huge range of options, specifications and quality, it is not practical to give welders in heavy engineering the highest quality benches with high weight rated sliding draws. So they may be best served with a more simple heavy duty bench.

This would not be practical for those working on high tech engineering projects like those undertaken in the gas, oil and chemical industry. With such a wide range of under bench draw sizes, under bench cabinet sizes and specifications for weight loadings you may need some expert advice on selecting the best bench or combination of benches and trolleys for your facility.

Here at 2h Storage we have supplied benches, COSH cabinets, mobile work benches and tool trolleys to a wide range of companies. So you will benefit from our experience, knowledge and will have complete certainty you will get the best work bench products at the most competitive prices.