2h Storage Solutions have a wealth of experience in materials handling solutions such as sortation conveyors.  Sortation systems are designed for diverse product handling and high throughput. Both of which are required in today’s warehousing and distribution centers.  Sortation Conveyors are the ideal solution for merging, identifying, and separating products from in-feed conveyor lines to shipping lines, packing stations, or palletizing systems.  Systems are designed to improve efficiency in your distribution operations and meet a growing demand for smaller order sizes.  They also help to increase shipping accuracy.  Diverters, pop-up devices, tilting devices,  sliding shoe sorters, and cross-belt sorting devices are all components of a sortation conveyor.  Throughput rates depend upon item lengths, weights, conveyor speed, and required spacing between products.  They are versatile and can sort a wide range of product sizes and weights to multiple divert lanes.

Here at 2hssl we design and install sortation systems for your business’s unique requirements.  Our expertise and years of experience allow us to manage your sortation project from the initial design stage right through to installation.  Regardless of how complex, the solutions will be tailored to suit the individual requirements in any type of industry. We then offer aftercare with replacement spares, ongoing maintenance, and fault finding.

We will ensure you get the best possible solution to match your specific sortation requirements. From design through to implementation, we consistently maintain the highest level of service.  As a result, our attention to detail regarding aesthetics, ergonomics, maintenance, replacement parts, and fault finding is second to none.

Call our design team on 01937 585 057 for a no-obligation site survey to discuss your sortation conveyors requirements.