Drive-in pallet racking creates efficiencies by reducing aisle loading and unloading times, yet allowing greater access compared to block-stacking.  It can free up as much as 90% of existing floor space, compared to conventional systems.  Offering an ultra-high-density storage system providing continuous racking without dividing aisles. The system is a popular choice with distribution, warehousing, and manufacturers. Businesses particularly with a high pick rate and a large volume of pallets inbound or dispatched.

Here at 2h Storage we can provide new and used drive-in pallet racking systems with a full design, installation, repair, and inspection service to take care of all your requirements.

Because we are independent designers, suppliers, and installers of all types and manufacturers of pallet racking we will search the marketplace for the best and most cost-effective drive-in pallet racking solution for your unique requirements.

We will survey your building and design the best layout by looking at pallet rail levels and the best drive-in pallet racking block designs. Taking into account your pallet pick rates, forklift truck types and specifications pallet sizes shapes, and overhangs. You will get full CAD drawings. Our in-house installation team will install with current health and safety regulations.

For full project management and drive-in pallet racking prices call 2h Storage Solutions today at 01937 585057.

Benefits of Drive-in Racking

  • Provides a very high storage density and maximizes storage space.
  • Each pallet is supported individually so damage from crushing is eliminated.
  • Pallets are deposited and retrieved from the cantilevered rails by forklift trucks, which drive into the racking structure.
  • Pallets are stored and retrieved using the first in last out (FILO) principle.
  • Easy to assemble with low assembly costs and maintenance.
  • Ideal for storing low-rotation loads.

Drive-in Racking

Pros and Cons of Drive-in Racking

High-density warehouse spaces that contain goods with long shelf lives are always searching for new ways to make the most of their storage capacity. Many businesses turn to drive-in racking systems as a solution to this issue. This enables pallets to be placed in a deeper position on the storage rail, creating more space in the warehouse. It involves the use of a forklift to enter the racking from one side to either load or retrieve the pallets as needed. If you are considering creating a drive-in warehouse, here are some pros and cons of using the racking system…