Adjustable Pallet RackingWe have a vast range of adjustable pallet racking (APR) to suit all types of warehouse storage needs. As the premier storage center for Yorkshire and the North East, 2h Storage Solutions have expert knowledge built on years of practical experience.  In all industry sectors, we help you maximise space utilization, optimize material flow, ensure appropriate product access, and preserve the quality of the goods stored.

We design, install and maintain warehouse racking for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and end-users. Our collaborative approach to storage installations ranges from straightforward to highly complex.  In every case, the quality of thinking, the attention to detail, and the application of experience and knowledge are simply second-to-none.

Whether you are planning a new warehouse, extending an existing facility, or replacing a racking system there is a wide range of pallet racking products to suit your needs. Whether it is increased density or a change from first-in last-out to first-in-first-out, our team has the solutions.

Types of warehouse pallet racking (APR)

  • Link 51
  • Apex
  • Dexion
  • Hi Lo premier
  • Hi lo KS
  • RediRack
  • PSS Planned Storage
  • Stow
  • Mecalux
  • Eurorack
  • Sperrin
  • Interlake Mecalux
  • Frazier Industrial Company
  • Wildeck
  • SSI Schaefer
  • Metalsistem
  • Aigner
  • Weland
  • Spieth

Adjustable pallet racking enables the safe storage of both palletised and non-palletised loads. Therefore making them a very cost-effective and versatile system.

With adjustable beams, this racking can be configured to accommodate changes in the type of goods stored wide aisles allow access by all types of truck and make loading and unloading an easy and efficient process.

Our experience and knowledge is freely available to you. To take advantage of this wealth of knowledge please contact us on 01937 585057 today.

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South Yorkshire Warehouse fitout

Warehouse fit out time lapse – Sprinkler system for USL Tankersley

Project requirements: Design and install sprinkler system and fit out warehouse, workshop and CNC machine shop. To meet the clients …

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Pallet Racking Leeds

Complete Warehouse Racking Installation Leeds

When unprecedented demand for your products means you need a bigger warehouse. OTL supply the retail and wholesale discount sector …

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Mobile Shelving Installation

Mobile Shelving Installation

Mobile Shelving Installation for Provimi Cargill in Thirsk, North Yorkshire

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Warehouse Fit Out Distribution Centre - Turn key solutions for Tremco

Complete Warehouse and office fit out for Tremco

2h Storage Solutions provided a full turnkey solution for Tremco.

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Warehouse Installation for Tor Coatings/Rustoleum

Design and out out the inside of a warehouse which was an institutional build warehouse.

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Refurbed West Yorkshire Warehouse

Refurbed West Yorkshire warehouse fitted with Dexion Pallet Racking system to store 14000 pallets. The installation needed to factor in …

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Carton Flow Gravity Conveyor

Bespoke Design & Installation of Picking and Dispatch System

Pallet Racking, Carton Flow, Gravity and Powered Conveyors for BeerHawk

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Mezzanine Floor Case Study

Mezzanine Floor over Existing Office Building

Design manufacture and installation of a mezzanine floor for National Flexibles’ Bradford.

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APR Racking - Hitachi Warehouse

Bespoke Design of Racking System for Hitachi

Design and installation of standard pallet racking (APR) for Hitachi Rail Europe Limited.

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Pallet Racking on top of a Mezzanine Floor: for Vale of Mowbray Pork Pie Manufacture

Pallet Racking on top of a Mezzanine Floor

Pallet Racking on top of a Mezzanine Floor: for Vale of Mowbray Pork Pie Manufacture. Design and installation.

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Mobile Shelving System

Mobile Shelving System for FUJIFILM

Mobile Shelving System for FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies new Laboratory Facility. Design and installation.

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