If you’re looking for industrial shelving solutions in Yorkshire, 2h Storage Solutions can help. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, you can be sure we have the expertise to make your storage problems go away.  With our combination of quality products and exceptional service, we have the right shelving solutions for you.

Some of the most common types of industrial shelving we can supply include:

Steel Shelving: Steel shelving is one of the most common types of industrial shelving. It is durable, versatile, and can hold heavy loads. Steel shelving is often used in retail stockrooms, industrial warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.

Wire Shelving: Wire shelving is a popular option for industrial settings because it allows for ventilation and reduces dust accumulation. It is lightweight and easy to assemble, making it a convenient choice for storing smaller items.

Bulk Rack Shelving: Bulk rack shelving is designed to store large and bulky items, such as machinery parts or equipment. It is typically made of heavy-duty steel and can hold up to 1,000 pounds per shelf.

Mobile Shelving: Mobile shelving is designed to maximize space by allowing shelving units to move along a track. This type of shelving is ideal for storage rooms with limited space.

Pallet Rack Shelving: Pallet rack shelving is used to store large and heavy items on pallets. It is designed to accommodate forklifts, allowing for easy loading and unloading of items. Pallet rack shelving is commonly used in distribution centers, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.

Cantilever Shelving: Cantilever shelving is used to store long and bulky items, such as pipes, lumber, and sheet metal. It consists of a series of arms that extend from a vertical column, allowing for easy access and organization of long items.

Whether it’s heavy industrial shelving or office shelving we have shelving designed to cater to every business need.  Take a look below at some of the shelving solutions we can provide.  If you would like to speak to us directly, give our team a call today at 01937 585057.

Shelving Solutions

2h Storage Solutions are the North of England’s leading industrial shelving and racking stockist. Heavy industrial shelving,  pallet racking, and specialist shelving are designed to cater to every business need. Over the years we have supplied storage solutions to thousands of businesses in Yorkshire and the North of England.   All our industrial shelving systems are designed to maximise your storage capacity. Our industrial shelving is safe for heavy industrial use as they are tested to FEM standards.

Whether you need shelving for warehouses, stockrooms offices, or homes and garages, we have storage solutions for you. From a single bay of shelves to house all your stationery products to the multi-tiered archive systems.  Our innovative shelving units are designed to improve the capacity, organisation, and efficiency of your working environment.

If you’re looking for a fully adjustable storage system, Just Shelving is great value for money.  Great for many environments such as stockrooms, warehouses, and store rooms. For manufacturing, engineering, and production environments our heavy-duty shelving systems and industrial wall-mounted shelving systems are ideal.

Stormor Shelving is ideal for commercial offices as well as warehouses and industrial units. Stormor comes with a great range of pull-out draws, shelf dividers, and other accessories, therefore, making them the perfect choice for creating a bespoke shelving system to your exact needs.  But if you need a greater resistance to wear and tear our Long span Galvanized Steel Shelving will do the trick.

If your not sure what solution is best for your needs, contact us today on 01937 585 057.

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