Quick Industrial Shelving builds without nuts, bolts, or clips.

  • With Quick shelving everything slots together quickly and easily, making a truly rigid structure in minutes.
  • Everything can be changed, meet your changing needs.
  • It’s future-proofed: you’ll always be able to expand your system with matching components.
  • Freedom from support braces means stored items are easily accessible from both sides.
  • Made from pre-galvanised steel, it’s durable, smart-looking, and free from electrostatic problems.

Our quick shelving range makes an ideal choice for a quick low-cost solution to storing a wide range of items from a few shelves in your garage to picking and packing areas in the commercial environment. So for a foolproof easy and quick-to-build shelving system the quick shelving range offers a wide choice of sizes with color options to store a variety of different sized and weights of objects like tool boxes or plastic boxes. We also offer a comprehensive and cost-effective range of plastic storage boxes and bins for shelving and other applications you could choose our louvered panels that store plastic boxes on walls ideal for small parts or craft and hobby applications.

Single bays from £62.55


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