Close up Carton Flow Gravity Conveyor2hssl offers a large range of gravity roller conveyors for any application or industry.  Non-powered, gravity conveyors are one of the most economical materials handling solutions.

Gravity conveyors are the most common form of conveyor in the world and can be found in most distribution centers and warehouses.  Suitable for several material handling applications,  they are the most cost-effective range of conveyor solutions.  The modular design makes them extremely versatile units.  Conveyors can be connected and integrated with other conveyors to form complex product handling systems. The modular design allows lengths to be added or subtracted as required.

Loads are conveyed on rollers or skate wheels which are mounted in lightweight frames.  They are sloped slightly, therefore allowing the force of gravity to move boxes or totes, usually by someone pushing the load.  Incredibly reliable and durable, they can transport a range of products, from lightweight trays to skips weighing several tonnes.

Gravity Roller Conveyors

Gravity roller conveyors are ideal for inclusion in an assembly line or, order fulfillment workstations.  They may be used to move boxes, cartons, and totes. They are generally used for packaging and pallet handling, loading, and unloading trucks. Each can be manufactured in any length, width, and roller diameter. From small diameter rollers to heavy walled bespoke roller conveyor systems.

Here at 2h Storage Solutions, we work with customers to ensure we deliver robust, reliable, and productive gravity conveyors.   Systems are designed and installed to suit the customer’s specific requirements. With high-quality products, professional standards, and competitive prices make 2h Storage Solutions the ideal partner for the design and installation of gravity roller conveyor systems.

Gravity conveyors are suitable for use within the manufacturing, warehousing, food & beverage & logistics industries. Below is a case study of a bespoke design and installation of a picking and dispatch system for BeerHawk.  This time-critical and complex project was completed from design to complete installation in just 3 months.

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