Very Narrow Aisle Racking (VNA)

Very narrow aisle pallet racking (VNA) is a widely used solution for space saving. Reducing aisle widths with narrow racking can safe a lot of space.  This type of racking creates a high-density storage system by using the available height in the warehouse. Pallet storage with no height restrictions and 100% accessibility. By using narrow racking it is possible to increase the capacity of the warehouse without expanding the space.

Compact and efficient, VNA racking allows for fast order picking. Varying shelving heights and depths, including height-adjustable supporting beams, assure maximum flexibility. We can help you with the optimum configuration for maximum storage, density, and efficiency for your warehouse. It’s crucial to note that the racking must be installed on a completely flat concrete floor.

VNA racking requires specialist handling equipment due to the aisle widths. This includes forklift trucks with rotating forks to simplify operations. Wire guidance rails or wires may be utilized to assist in steering and maneuvering the VNA trucks within the narrow aisles. These narrow aisle trucks can reach higher and work at a faster pace than conventional forklift trucks, which can significantly increase productivity and efficiency while saving time. Pick and deposit stations are frequently found at the aisle ends, meaning that the truck stays in the aisle, making them more productive.

Narrow Aisle Racking
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Pros and Cons of VNA Racking

A narrow aisle pallet racking system is designed for high-density storage. It offers a number of benefits and challenges compared to other types of pallet racking systems.


  • High-Density Storage
    Allows for high-density storage of pallets, which maximizes the use of floor space.
  • Improved Space Utilization
    VNA racking is designed to provide access to pallets in the smallest possible aisle width, which makes it ideal for warehouses with limited floor space.
  • Increased Storage Capacity
    Can store more pallets per square meter compared to other racking systems, leading to an increase in storage capacity.
  • Improved Picking Accuracy
    Provides easy access to individual pallets stored, making it easier to pick the right product, leading to improved picking accuracy.
  • Reduced Labor Costs
    Racking systems are typically automated, which reduces the need for manual handling of pallets, leading to reduced labor costs.


  • High Initial Cost
    These systems are more expensive compared to other types of pallet racking systems, making it a significant upfront investment.
  • Complex Installations
    Racking systems require specialized installation and maintenance, which makes it more complex compared to other racking systems.
  • Limited Flexibility
    Systems are designed for specific types of storage and are not easily adaptable to changes in storage requirements.
  • Specialized Equipment
    Requires specialized equipment such as narrow aisle trucks, making it difficult to replace or upgrade in the future.
  • Maintenance Requirements
    Require regular maintenance and upkeep, which can add to operational costs over time.

VNA racking systems offer a number of benefits in terms of high-density storage and improved space utilization, but they also come with significant costs and maintenance requirements. It is important to carefully consider the specific requirements and constraints of the warehouse before deciding on whether VNA racking is the best option.

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