Mezzanine FloorFrom single-tier to multiple-tier mezzanine floor systems 2h Storage Solutions can work with you to increase your storage space within the footprint of the existing building. A production mezzanine floor increases your use of space without the need to relocate or extend.

Usually, goods and products are lifted onto the mezzanine floor using a forklift truck and pallet gate, then products can either be worked on or arranged for dispatch. The speed of this process can be increased using powered or gravity conveyors to move products up or down from the mezzanine floor. This arrangement also offers an ideal area where workers are remote from forklift truck activity or to separate goods for quality checking or final dispatch. We can take care of the whole project from design through to building regulations, manufacture, and installation.

Having worked with blue-chips, Architects, Civils, and Surveyors across all industry sectors to install a wide range of production mezzanine floors we have the expertise to provide the complete solution to your mezzanine floor requirements.

You will benefit from our excellent end-to-end project management, once installed we can also supply production and warehouse equipment including workbenches, trolleys, conveyors, and steps for the complete production solution.

Mezzanine Floor Suppliers

Mezzanine Floor Bradford

Mezzanine Floor for National Flexibles Bradford, West Yorkshire

Project requirements: The design manufacture and installation of a mezzanine floor storage platform to be erected over an existing office building, maintenance and compressor area.