vertical carousel storage

Optimizing Warehouse Efficiency with Storage Carousel Systems

When it comes to warehouse management, speed and efficiency are paramount. Regardless of the goods you handle, incorporating a horizontal or vertical carousel storage system can revolutionize your storage and picking processes. These automated storage solutions not only slash manpower requirements but also lead to substantial savings in warehousing costs.

Our computer-controlled carousels seamlessly integrate with various storage needs, making them highly adaptable to diverse operating environments. Whether it’s goods-to-person, electronic components, small parts, or even pallets, these carousels can be customized to fit your requirements.

Storage carousel systems efficiently rotate and store goods within a horizontal plane. They consist of interconnected bins traveling along an oval-shaped track, providing quick access to stored items.

Vertical carousels, on the other hand, revolutionize storage in a vertical plane. Enclosed in a metal housing with a waist-level opening, they offer a convenient and secure way to store and retrieve products.

While horizontal carousels offer similar benefits, vertical carousels excel in maximizing floor space utilization. Their enclosed design also enhances security.

With an integrated computer control system, you gain the ability to manage a wide range of activities, from simple transactions to comprehensive inventory control.

The advantages are substantial:

  1. Dramatic Throughput Improvement
  2. Enhanced Efficiency
  3. Optimal Utilization of Storage Space
  4. Reduced Order Picking Errors
  5. Lower Manpower Requirements
  6. Substantial Warehousing Cost Reductions

For more information on how a storage carousel system can revolutionize your warehouse operations, contact our dedicated team at 01937 585 057.  Or use our form found here.  Elevate your warehouse management to new heights with carousel solutions tailored to your specific needs.