vertical carousel storageVertical and Horizontal Carousels

Warehouse management is all about speed and efficiency. Whatever type of goods you store, vertical and horizontal carousels are a reliable and efficient solution for fast storage and picking. They significantly reduce manpower requirements and warehousing costs.

Computer-controlled carousels fit perfectly with almost all types of storage requirements. They can be tailored and customised for most operating environments.  They can be equipped with shelves, boxes, or pallets.

Horizontal storage carousel systems rotate and store goods in a horizontal plane. The carousel bins are hooked together and travel around an oval-shaped horizontal track and the units aren’t enclosed usually.

Vertical storage carousels rotate and store goods in a vertical plane.  Vertical carousel units are enclosed in a metal housing with an opening at waist height to store and pick products. 

Horizontal carousels provide the same features as vertical carousels. Verticals have the added benefit of being vertical, so better utilization of space.  Also as units are enclosed, they provide better security.

The integrated computer control system allows you to perform a wide range of activities from simple transactions to full inventory control.

Advantages include:

  • Throughput is significantly improved
  • Increased efficiency
  • Optimal use of the storage space optimal use of the storage space
  • Reduces order picking errors
  • Reduces manpower
  • Reduces warehousing costs

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