Long Span Shelving2h Storage Solutions also supply a range of storage solutions for offices, archives and repositories at government institutions, libraries, museums, universities, financial organisations and healthcare organisations. Longspan shelving is a highly versatile static storage solution.


Static Office Storage Systems

  • Longspan shelving is the perfect solution no matter what you need to store – from small components to heavy cartons. It’s fast and easy to assemble, and uses a modular design with a bolt-free lock-in system that requires no special tools, giving you maximum storage in minutes whatever your available space.
  • Longspan offers you virtually unlimited opportunities to expand your storage capacity, giving you higher density storage and greater flexibility whether you are storing boxes, cartons, tubes or wires.
  • Long, uninterrupted spans of up to 2450mm also make Longspan ideal for a wide range of big and bulky items.


A wide range of accessories are available, enabling you to arrange your storage system as efficiently as possible. These accessories also allow you to create a well organised archive, so that stored materials can be found and managed easily. Other accessories, such as label holders for the front panels, shelf labels, reference shelves and numerous other handy items can simplify the work of the filing department.

At 2h Storage Solutions we provide flexible and space saving filing systems from simple to highly complex applications, for multinationals as well as local businesses. Contact us today to discuss your requirements in more detail or simply complete the form below and we’ll get in touch with you.


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Longspan Shelving