Push Back Racking System

If your storage requirements prioritize high density and pre-determined loads picked by any truck, push back racking is the optimal solution.

  • Push back racking operates as a type of live storage with pallets stored two, three, or four deep.
  • Using a forklift truck, pallets are loaded and unloaded from a single aisle using a telescopic trolley system.
  • The palletised load is placed on the top trolley. As the next pallet is inserted, the loaded trolley is pushed back into the storage lane.
  • This process repeats to a depth of up to four pallets.
  • When a pallet is withdrawn, the remaining pallets stored behind automatically move forward under gravity.
  • The system operates on a ‘first-in, last-out’ (FILO) basis with each product having its dedicated lane.

Dynamic push back racking is particularly effective in marshaling areas, bulk storage, and handling operations where space efficiency and rapid pallet dispatch are critical.

Push back racking offers an excellent solution for businesses with limited space and high-volume, fast-dispatch requirements. Pallets can be efficiently placed during picking or production cycles for swift retrieval and dispatch to awaiting wagons.

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