As a current NHS supplier we understand what works well and what fits your budget requirements.  We have been supplying the NHS with NHS lockers and storage solutions for over a decade with a wide range of products.

We can supply all your staff changing room lockers and nurse lookers with the most suitable and safe options.

Are you looking for?

  • NHS lockersbanks of NHS lockers
  • Nurses Lockers
  • Nurses uniform lockers
  • Clean and dirty compartment lockers
  • Twin lockers
  • Banks of lockers
  • Lockers with plinths
  • Lockers with sloping anti dust covers

Our in house design team can measure and design your new changing rooms to create the perfect area for staff, nurses or other team members.

We can help keep your staff, their personal belongings and equipment safe and clean helping with health and safety as well as increasing the positive feeling of the work environment.

We offer a timed delivery service which improves the installation times on site and therefor causes the minimum possible disruption to your working environment. Having worked with the NHS on many projects we understand the unique criteria and budget pressures that NHS procurement’s have to meet and can offer options to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of staff areas and locker storage.

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Contact us today if you are looking for NHS lockers, nurses lockers, changing room lockers etc.  We also have a great range of quality, value for money stainless steel shelving, providing a durable and easy to clean solution to the transporting and storage of sterile products, dressings and disposables.

To discuss your stainless steel shelving requirements with the shelving experts contact us on 01937 585057 for more information. If required we can arrange a site visit to carry out a measurement survey, to make sure you get the best products for your requirements and budget.

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