Dexion p90 Mobile Racking ASRS

At 2h Storage Solutions, we offer a wide range of powered mobile shelving systems suitable for all organizations, including libraries, museums, universities, and government repositories.

Dexion Mobile Storage Range

Our Dexion mobile storage range includes:

  • Mobile Shelving
  • Compactus Mobile Shelving

These products are designed to help you store records compactly and neatly, ensuring they are readily accessible whenever needed. Our systems can adapt to any construction and fit around specific building constraints. The unique hand crank drive systems allow effortless access, regardless of the content or number of racks.

Compactus Electro

The Compactus Electro is the electronic version of the hand-cranked Compactus system. Its clear and simple touch panel offers fast access, even if your hands are full. The Compactus Electro provides the highest levels of safety and operating comfort.

Compactus Power 3

With just a gentle touch, the Compactus Power 3 offers smooth access. It handles high loads and long mobiles with ease, moving at a constant speed independent of load or length. Its soft start and soft stop features ensure vibration-free movement.

Compactus Double Decker

Designed for higher buildings, the Compactus Double Decker offers excellent space efficiency. It incorporates all the benefits of Compactus Power 3, with added space efficiency. Steel gratings provide a clear view between levels, and automatic aisle lighting aids document retrieval.


The Side2Side system creates extra storage capacity and keeps your daily files at your fingertips. This system places shelving in front of shelving, with each shelf on rails for easy access to all documents. Designed with end stops and anti-tilt, Side2Side can be easily moved or extended as your business grows.

Wide Range of Accessories

We offer a wide range of accessories to optimize your powered mobile storage system. Accessories like label holders for front panels, shelf labels, reference shelves, and other handy items simplify the filing department’s work, making stored materials easy to find and manage.

Upgrading Your System

Upgrading to the convenient Compactus Electro or the state-of-the-art Compactus Power 3 is easy. Simply empty the lowest shelf, and we’ll handle the rest, saving you time, cost, and disruption.

Our Offerings

At 2h Storage Solutions, we provide the Sysco and Compactus series of flexible, space-saving filing systems. From simple to highly complex applications, we cater to both multinationals and local businesses. Contact us today to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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