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Mezzanine Floor Bradford

Mezzanine Floor for National Flexibles Bradford, West Yorkshire

Project requirements: The design manufacture and installation of a mezzanine floor storage platform to be erected over an existing office building, maintenance and compressor area.

Running out of space?  Looking for mezzanine floors for storage? 2h Storage Solutions are mezzanine floor suppliers, giving businesses the chance to stay on their premises for longer.

Mezzanine floors offer a great opportunity to increase the amount of available storage space.  They offer an excellent opportunity to have a storage area isolated from the rest of your storage or production areas. Mezzanine storage areas can create packaging or dispatch areas or storage areas where pickers can work safely away from forklift trucks or production.

They are ideal for stores and can be made secure to store valuable or sensitive stock and products. With the addition of pallet gates, pallet lifts, mezzanine lifts, or conveyors, parts, products, or stock can easily be taken between levels.

One of the greatest benefits of installing a mezzanine floor for a storage area is the cost-benefit in comparison to letting or buying the additional floor space that a mezzanine floor allows.

Here at 2h Storage, we have supplied many businesses with mezzanine floors. We can take care of any storage issues and associated items. Some of the services and products we provide include:

CAD drawings
Design work
Building regulation approval
Supplying the shelving,
Mesh cages
Plastic storage bins

Contact us today at 01937 585 057 if you are ready to have mezzanine floors installed at your warehouse.

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