Pallet Racking Upright Straightening – The revolutionary racking repair process!

An idea born out of necessity

A well-known Swedish home furniture retailer became tired of spending hundreds of thousands of Euros on replacement racking uprights They contacted a local structural engineer to assist them with finding a smarter solution.

hydraulic toolThe basic principle of the system is extremely simple. We designed and developed a hydraulic tool that, by a combination of precision formed die and controlled hydraulic pressure, reforms damaged racking uprights back to their original shape and strength – whilst the racks are under full pallet load!

The system benefits are simple but effective

  • No need to offload your racking, as our system works under full load!
  • Virtually zero operational disruption!
  • Minimal cost when compared to replacing damaged uprights!
  • Savings of up to 50% are common!
  • Far more environmentally friendly, less transport required and wastage generated!
  • Repair damage much quicker than replacing typical lead time is one to two weeks!
  • All works are fully certified and guaranteed!
  • Industry-leading insurance cover provided by world-leading insurers – Lloyds of London!

The above points are helping to make the expense and inconvenience of traditional racking repairs a thing of the past

The smart solution for damaged racking uprights!

Damaged racking uprights present a huge cause for concern within the warehouse environment.  The structural integrity of the racking can be severely compromised with every forklift truck impact. Further problems arise when having to shut down the affected pallet locations.  This is extremely time-consuming and costly for any operation.

Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t end there – you are then faced with long lead times for new materials, and expensive replacement material costs, with additional costs for installation, forklift truck hire, scissor lift hire, etc. Suddenly, you are presented with an unexpected bill running into many thousands of £££s, in addition to the enormous operational disruption that accompanies traditional racking repairs.


damanged uprights before and after repair

Here’s how the system works:


step 1 of upright repair



Step One
One of our highly trained and professional teams of technicians carry out an initial inspection of the damaged upright.
This is to ensure that the level of damage falls within the stringent parameters governing the use of our patented, certified, upright repair system.



step 2 of repair

Step Two

A custom, the precision-engineered die is secured to the damaged upright, and controlled hydraulic pressure is applied using our state-of-the-art process. The repair process works three-dimensionally, to ensure correct re-profiling of the front face, side walls, and corners.

Over 200% MORE productive

If like most of our customers, you are tired of this persistent problem, you will be delighted to discover that there is a solution! Give us a call on 01937 585 057 to find out more.

step 3 of repair

Step Three
After the repair process is completed, the hydraulic pressure is gradually released and the precision-engineered die is retracted.
The repaired upright Is then revealed, having acquired its original shape and form, with no loss of strength, fit, or function. GUARANTEED!






Main Features

  • An incredible, unique process that returns damaged racking uprights to their original form in less than thirty minutes
  • Racks can remain loaded whilst the repair is carried out
  • Save up to 80% of the cost of replacement, whilst minimizing operational disruption


The benefits of our rack repair system

  • Certified to BS EN 15635
  • Our process is certified to the relevant British and European standards and is fit for purpose
  • Helps meet your Health and Safety obligations quickly and cost-effectively
  • Over 150,000 upright repairs are carried out each year
  • Adherence to the stringent quality standards enforced by our certification
  • Certified to British and European standards
  • No need to unload your racking whilst the repair is conducted
  • Work is fully insured and guaranteed for life
  • It’s green – reduce your carbon footprint by repairing rather than replacing uprights
  • No waiting for replacement materials


The smart, modern solution for damaged racking uprights! Contact us now to find out about our brand new revolutionary racking repair service!



DEKRA Certification GmbH, Worldwide HQ, Stuttgart, Germany

“Our trials found that the ability of the racking to withstand the  required loads remained uncompromised after repairs had been made using the ROS process”

“The ROS racking repair process is granted certification to EN 15635 – The Application and Maintenance of Storage Equipment”

Dr. Walter Steffen
DEKRA Certification GmbH



The Dr Möll Institute of Engineering
The Dr Möll Institute of Engineering, Darmstadt, Germany

“no reduction of the load bearing capacity could be observed”

Dr P Stangenberg & Dr J Anders
The Dr Möll Institute of Engineering




Bayer Group
Bayer Technology Services, Leverkusen, Germany

“providing the repairs are limited to a maximum of three times, there are no indications of material fractures or weakness whatsoever”

Professor Eckstein
Bayer Technology Services




TNO Environment and Geosciences, Holland
“the ROS method did not result in any noticeable loss of load
bearing capacity”

Dr P.E. de Winter
TNO Environment & Geosciences



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