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Health and Safety – Rack Protection

The installation of racking upright protectors or column guards safeguards the uprights / frames in your pallet racking system. Racking frames are vulnerable to accidental fork lift truck damage, therefore rack protection via guards offers a safer working environment.

Pallet racking upright protection is a worthwhile investment. The cost from pallet racking damage can be up to £1000.00, whereas the cost of upright protection starts from less than £15 making them a worthwhile investment.

We recommend the ballistic grade polymer upright protection which is extremely durable and comes in a high visibility finish making it easy to see for picking and replenishing the pallets again minimizing damage.

We have fitted and supplied thousands of pallet racking upright guards in a wide range of warehouse and production facilities and customers have always been very pleased with these products often going on to buy further upright protection after a trial sample.

2h can supply the following rack upright protection items:


  • Floor Mounted Column Guards (FMCG)
  • Ballistic grade polymer protectors
  • Polyethylene column guards


Racking upright guards are available in a high visibility orange or yellow.  Alternative colours are available such as green or red to mark safe havens or first aid points.

To find out which type of upright protection is most suitable for your pallet racking, click this link to email us or call us 01937 585057



Upright Rack Protectors