Bespoke Design & Installation of Picking and Dispatch System

Pallet Racking, Carton Flow, Gravity and Powered Conveyors for BeerHawk

Project requirements:  To design a bespoke picking and dispatch system for a special business direct to customer complex fulfillment project.  This time critical and complex project was completed from design to complete installation is 3 months.

Project investment: £30K

Project detail: To design a picking and dispatch system for line picking team to place 24 different products of bottled and canned into a promotional cardboard carton ready for dispatch. This was achieved using a carton flow picking bed system with drop out trays, and a mix gravity and powered conveyor to optimise pick and dispatch time.  2hssl provided a complete turnkey solution the whole system was built and commissioned in under a week.



July 2017
Location: Wetherby, West Yorkshire
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