damanged uprights before and after repairCost effective pallet racking repairs are very important aspect in many warehouse and production facilities, and from time to time will suffer a number of knocks and bumps. It is important that you keep your pallet racking in a safe and effective condition. This is best done by a monthly in house rack inspection. Then an annual racking inspection by a competent racking inspector.

These pallet racking inspections may show up some repairs that are required. Sometimes they show you have had obvious damage that requires an immediate repair. It is very important that your pallet racking repair team and works are safe and competent.  You will have peace of mind by selecting 2h storage solutions. We have experienced, trained and competent pallet racking inspectors and repair teams. Each has been awarded safe contractor status.

2hssl will attend site quickly at your convenience to look at emergency issues.  We can arrange for your pallet racking to be repaired safely, quickly and efficiently so as to get your pallet racking back in use quickly.  It is important that you have your repair work done to the highest standards.  Good quality pallet racking repairs will extend the life of your pallet racking system and save both time and money.

Why Choose Us?

Here at 2h Storage we offer a solution where other pallet racking companies may not have the interest to solve the problem.  If you have an older or more unusual type of pallet racking we will make sure we search both the used and new market to obtain those harder to find pallet racking parts and components.

We supply sacrificial legs for RediRack, all Polypal and HiLo equipment and will find rare parts were other suppliers may lose interest or not have access to our large data base of manufactures and aftermarket components suppliers.

Experience has shown us that often if you go to the trouble to help a customer find that old and obsolete shelf clip, they will remain a loyal customer for a very long time. We also offer a full range of all associated product and services.  Services that are used alongside pallet racking from manual pallet trucks through to partitions and fit outs.

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