Pre Purchase Capacity SurveyWhen you are moving to a new facility, expanding or simply changing your existing storage layouts it is an exciting but busy time. So if you are safe in the knowledge that one aspect has been taken care of you can get on with the other aspects of your new facility project.


When you are looking to purchase, lease or expand into a new facility knowing just what will and will not fit and what the best solutions are is one of those critical facts that helps you make informed decisions that will affect your business for years to come. Looking at a new building it is important to consider a number of questions eve and ridge height, the buildings footprint, fixed structures like portal frame columns, fire doors and escape routes, etc. It is also important to look at what and how you store your product, how different types of storage equipment will service your business needs.


Volumes of pallets stored can be greatly increased using drive in pallet racking, push back pallet racking, and other types of storage solution but are they the best solution for you? There is far more to a good pre capacity survey than just counting the number of pallet positions that can be squeezed into your facility. It is important that your pre purchase capacity survey is carried out with your businesses unique processes, practices and procedures being carefully considered to make sure you get the optimum storage system for your business and budget.

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