Do you frequently store medium to large quantities of wide loads or bulky items? If so, our wide range of heavy-duty longspan shelving may be the ideal storage solution for your workplace. At 2h Storage Solutions, we supply a variety of longspan racking solutions, all with different capacities and sizes.  Our storage racking offers a range of shelf materials, including wood shelving, steel shelving, and wire mesh shelving.  We also provide longspan shelving with bins for additional storage options.  Our heavy-duty warehouse racking meets the most rigorous demands of any industrial setting.

Applications of Longspan Shelving

  • Warehouse Shelving
  • Stockroom Shelving
  • Workshop Shelving
  • Store Shelving
  • Factory Shelving
  • Storeroom Shelving

Benefits of Longspan Shelving Units

Longspan shelving is the ideal racking system due to its robust construction and easy assembly process. These industrial shelving units enable easy access to the highest levels found in warehouses and factories. Available in a range of heights, widths, and depths, they include a heavy-duty capacity of 500kg load per bay. With a boltless design and easy assembly process, these shelving units are perfect for daily tasks such as picking in warehouses, parts storage, and merchandise display.

Industrial racking optimizes storage, making the work environment efficient for completing tasks. Here are some advantages of having a reliable shelving system:

  • Reduces the number of accidents
  • Organizes and stores items efficiently
  • Available in various sizes, suitable for all types of businesses
  • Enables quick identification of items for employees

All our longspan heavy-duty shelving units come with extra shelves and extension bay options. This is ideal if you need to expand your premises and require additional shelving units.

Longspan Shelving with Bins – Shelving with Storage

Our heavy-duty shelving system with storage bins is ideal for storing larger items found in industrial locations like warehouses and workshops. These warehouse shelving units have a boltless design that is fully adjustable to your requirements. Available in various color options, they have a 450kg UDL per shelf capacity.

Need a Large Project or Design?

If you require more information or need a large project, please contact our sales team at 01937 585057. 2h Storage Solutions provides a variety of shelving services, including:

  • Expert racking design
  • Face-to-face consultations
  • Turnkey end-to-end project management
  • CAD drawings
  • Free site surveys
  • Specification and installation services

Industrial Heavy Duty Longspan Shelving

Longspan shelving is a robust and versatile solution for heavy-duty storage needs. At 2h Storage Solutions, we offer a range of longspan shelving systems designed to meet various industrial requirements. This popular heavy duty shelving system features adjustable levels and can be finished with chipboard or galvanized steel insert panels. Resembling mini pallet racking, longspan shelving uses similar frames and beams, making it a reliable and sturdy option for your storage needs.

Flexible and Customizable Design

Longspan shelving offers a high degree of flexibility, with frame heights ranging from 1200mm to 4000mm. You can choose to clad end frames with mesh or solid panels, or leave them open, depending on your specific needs. Beams come in various lengths, including 1050mm, 1200mm, 1350mm, 1500mm, 1650mm, 1800mm, 1950mm, 2100mm, 2250mm, 2400mm, 2550mm, 2700mm, 2850mm, and 3000mm. The 2400mm and 2700mm lengths are particularly popular due to their versatility.

The diverse frame heights and beam lengths make longspan shelving adaptable. You can tailor the shelving to suit your specific needs and building dimensions without incurring the costs associated with custom-made items. This adaptability ensures that you always have the right shelving solution for your storage requirements.

Cost-Effective Solutions

At 2h Storage Solutions, we prioritize providing you with the best possible shelving solutions at the most cost-effective prices. As one of the leading suppliers of pallet racking and longspan shelving in the North, we leverage our buying power to negotiate the best discount prices from manufacturers. Consequently, we pass these savings on to you, ensuring you receive high-quality shelving at competitive prices.

Our commitment to affordability does not compromise the quality of our products. We ensure that all our longspan shelving systems meet the highest standards of durability and performance, providing you with reliable storage solutions that stand the test of time.

Expert Consultation and Free Site Survey

Choosing the right shelving system for your facility is crucial. At 2h Storage Solutions, we offer expert consultation to help you determine the best longspan shelving options for your needs. Our experienced team works with you to understand your specific requirements and recommend the most suitable configurations.

Moreover, we provide a free site survey and measurement service. This ensures that we accurately assess your space and storage needs, allowing us to propose the most efficient and cost-effective shelving solutions. Our goal is to make sure you get the best products and longspan shelving that fit your needs and budget perfectly.

Why Choose 2h Storage Solutions?

  • Extensive Range: We offer a wide variety of longspan shelving configurations to meet diverse industrial storage needs.
  • High Quality: Longspan shelving racking system are made from durable materials, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Cost-Effective: We pass on the savings from our negotiated discount prices to you, providing high-quality shelving at competitive prices.
  • Expert Support: Our team of experts is available to provide guidance and support, from initial consultation to installation.
  • Free Site Survey: We offer a free site survey and measurement service to ensure you get the most accurate and efficient shelving solution.

Let us arrange a visit to your site for a free survey and measurement. We are committed to ensuring you get the best products and shelving to suit your needs and budget.  Please contact us today on 01937 585057 or use the form below to get started on optimizing your storage space with our industrial heavy-duty longspan shelving range.

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