An efficient and well-run warehouse relies on a reliable and well-organised shelving system that makes the most of the space available. However, not everything is packaged in an easy-to-store square or rectangle box and awkwardly shaped items can prove difficult to retain in a warehouse facility. Here are some examples of uniquely shaped products and the best shelving solutions to use for each one.

Timber and piping

While longer, thinner items can be packaged together in bundles, the length of the item means they require special racking to keep them secure and easily accessible. Things like piping and timber are a perfect example for warehouses that store equipment used in construction or engineering.

Cantilever racking is the best solution for these type of long, heavy items. Not only can each variant be grouped together, cantilever racking ensures the materials are kept off the floor and are easy for staff members to access whenever they need. This is also a much safer way to ensure heavy, industrial items are securely stored away so they do not come loose and create an accident in the warehouse.

White goods

The term white goods encompasses items such as washing machines, fridges, tumble driers, fridges and dishwashers. Not only are they some of the largest items you’ll find in your kitchen, they are also usually the heaviest.  In a warehouse environment they require a forklift to move them around, which makes storage quite difficult.

Due to the resilient design of pallet racking, this type of shelving system can take a large amount of weight for a long period of time. Smart storage avoids the need to stack these items, which makes accessing a replacing them very straightforward.

Reels and drums

Like white goods, materials that need to be stored on reels or drums – such as wiring, wallpaper or carpets – are large in size and weigh a considerable amount. And because these are round edged items you need a storage system that will keep them stable and secure to avoid any accidents occurring.

Most warehouses will look to use coil racking in this instance. This is because the reels and drums can be secured upright in position in different positions. Coil racking still provides ease of access and helps to maximise space in the facility. You also have a clear view of how many items are being stored at any one time, making it easier to manage inventory levels.

Dangerous and valuable items

Most warehouses will feature some items that are either hazardous or extremely valuable. To keep them out of harm’s way, and to protect important items, security cages are generally considered the best option. The items remain visible and protected, with only authorised personnel able to access them.

Security cages come in a number of different sizes and configurations. Whether it is sensitive chemicals and gasses that need locking away, or expensive machinery, these offer extremely cost effective storage solutions. They are also extremely cost effective and most systems are adaptable, so their configuration can be altered, adapted or added to as and when needed.

Automobile parts

Car parts are completely unique in size and shape, which makes storing them particularly difficult. They are also usually heavy, hard to transport and awkward to access. That’s why carton live storage is the best method to use as it removes many of these problems.

Warehouse pickers will find they are able to pick out the car parts they need without much hassle. They add to the efficiency of the throughput and keep popular items available for picking, so the efficiency of the order process is never affected.