Looking for the best warehousing solutions for your business? There are many elements that help to make up a successful business, but for many storage and the choice of warehouse plays a big part.  After all, you want to know that your goods are stored safely and securely, but you’ll probably want to consider things like access and storage organisation too. With so many warehousing solutions available it can be hard to know what is best for you and your business. However, that doesn’t mean you should be put off altogether, instead, you should do some research and work out what is best.

Here at 2h Storage Solutions, we have been offering pallet racking and warehouse solutions to businesses across Yorkshire and the North East for over 30 years; so if you’re not sure about the best steps for warehouse storage or you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to get in touch – we’d be delighted to share our knowledge with you and get you started in the right direction.

Consider Your Storage Space

One of the most important factors when it comes to warehousing solutions is choosing the right storage space. This can be a fine line between too much storage and not enough and neither of them is ideal. It is also worth speaking to the warehouse company in question about their flexibility and what the options are should you wish to extend the storage you have with them at any stage.

What About Security?

Whatever you are storing, if you’re placing it in someone else’s hands then you want reassurance that your items are going to be as safe and sound as possible. Before committing to using any warehouse solution company speak to them about the security measures they have in place for the goods that are stored. Things like CCTV and even regular overnight security patrols are definitely worth considering.

Do They offer an Integrated Management System?

The organisation of stock is never an easy one and warehouse storage is no exception. Speak to the company you are considering about their material handling protocols and whether they have anything like an integrated management system in place. It could be things like scanning items are they enter the warehouse and having them put in a set, documented location for example to help you keep track of goods.

What Location Do You Need?

Of course, the location of your warehouse facility is going to be pretty important too. We help businesses across Yorkshire and the North East so if you’re nearby to here then speaking to us about what we can do for you is recommended. However, if you’re a little further afield then it could be that our location isn’t right for you and instead, you should look at more suitable, local options for you.

Do They offer Additional Services?

It is worth speaking to the warehouse you want to work with about the full extent of their services and what else they can help you with in terms of storing and organising your protections. For example, do they help with any logistics services or transportation? It’s fine if they don’t and that doesn’t need to be a deal breaker but knowing exactly what they offer and what you are getting into before committing to work with them is a good idea.

How Your Goods are Stored

As a successful company that offers the supply and installation of a variety of storage solutions, we know the importance of sturdy, well-thought-out storage and racking. We offer a range of products and services such as office storage, shelving, racking, and anything in between. If you are a warehouse that is looking to offer short and/or long-term storage solutions then get in touch with us today for a free site survey, so we can talk you through what your best options are – and that way, your customers get peace of mind that using you for their storage is a good idea.

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